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Sr. No.Notification DateNotification No.Subject/TitleDocument
1 04/09/2017 GHKH-157-2017-CDS-13-2017-436-P.1 In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (2) of section 1 of the Gujarat Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act, 2017 (Guj. 18 of 2017) the Governemnt of Gujarat hereby appoint the 4th September, 2017 New-Doc-2017-09-11.pdf (3 MB)
2 03/03/2017 GHKH/21/2017/KSM/10/2013/854/k.9 Modify Recruitment rules of Agriculture Assistance Class III scan0001.pdf (975 KB)
3 20/02/2017 GHKH/16/2017/KSM/1015/701996/k.1 Recruitment Rules of Administrative Officer, Class-I in Directorate of Agricalture rr1.pdf (2 MB)
4 10/02/2017 Recruitment Rules of Assistance Director of Agriculture under Directorate of Agriculture for 10th Feb 2017 10-2-2017.pdf (2 MB)
5 28/10/2016 GHKH/105/2016/KSM/1215/1096/k.1 Recruitment Rules of Agriculture Officer Class-II under Directorate of Agriculture for 28th oct 2016 28-10-2016.pdf (771 KB)
6 24/08/2016 GHKH/86/BRN/10/2015/931/K.9 Recruitment Rules of Office Superintendent in the office of Directorate of Agriculture Scan.pdf (1 MB)
7 22/03/2016 GHKH/27/2016/MISC/294 In exercise of the powers conferred by section 4 of the Gujarat (Right of Citizen to Public Service) Act, 2013 (Gujarat 16 of 2013) the Government of Gujarat hereby notify the servicesas mentioned in coloumn 2 of Appendix-A 194240.pdf (641 KB)
8 19/07/2014 GHKH/64/2014/KSM/10/2013/854/K.9 Agriculture Assistant, class III, Recruitment Rules, 2014 Agriculture_Assistant-classIII-190714.pdf (1 MB)
9 19/07/2014 GHKH/64/2014/KSM/10/2013/854/K.9 Agriculture Assistant, class III, Recruitment Rules, 2014 Agriculture-Assistant-class_III-19072014.pdf (644 KB)
10 24/12/2013 GHKH/104/2013/1113/921/K In exercise of the powers confeered by the proviso to article 309 of the Constitution of Indai. the Governor of Gujarat hereby makes the following rules furture to amend the Assistant Director of Agriculture and the District Agricultural Officer, Gandhinagar and Dangs Districts, Recruitment Rules 1987,namely. 24-12-2013.pdf (95 KB)
11 15/06/2012 GHKH-36-2012-KSM-102007-K-1 Additional Director Of agriculture, in the Gujarat Agriculture Service,class-1, Recruitment Rules, 2012 additional_director_agriculture.pdf (1 MB)
12 13/02/2012 GHKH/12/2012/BHRN/3091/2055/K-8 Director of Horticulture class 1, in the gujarat horticulture Service Recruitment Rules, 2012 director_of_horticluture.pdf (1 MB)
13 26/09/2011 GHKH-76-KSM-102007-1070-K.1 The Gazatted Officers in the Gujarat Agriculture Service, Class I and Class II (Departmental Examination) Rules, 2011. exam_mukti.pdf (293 KB)
14 07/08/2010 GHKH/63/10/RCT-102004/1860/K-8 Joint Director (Horticulture) Class-I, Recruitment Rules, 2010 joint_directore_of_horticluture.pdf (1 MB)
15 07/08/2010 GH/KH/62/10/RCT-3091/2115/K-8 Deputy Director (Horticulture) class-I, Recruitment Rules, 2010 deputy_directore_of_horticluture.pdf (1 MB)
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